Get an ID

10398028_453185004844315_4580845173125870912_nGetting an ID is a great way to get involved with the Washtenaw ID Project.  We do not want this card to be carried solely by those who need it, but rather all members of our community.  Regardless of whether or not you already have a valid form of photo ID, carrying and using this card will serve as a means of standing in solidarity with those affected and marginalized community members. Do not let your friends and neighbors stand alone!

How to Get an ID

Washtenaw County ID Application Process

Residents of Washtenaw County can apply for the ID in the Vital Records Division at the Office of the County Clerk.

        Location:                                     Hours of Operation:

200 N. Main Street                                   Monday – Friday
Ann Arbor, MI 48104                                8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

The County ID application costs $25. It is available to all residents ages 14 and older.  The ID’s are valid for 3 years after the date of application/issuance or when the cardholder no longer resides in Washtenaw County, whichever occurs sooner.

A PRINTABLE VERSION OF THE APPLICATION CAN BE FOUND HERE.  Applicants must also verify identity and residency following the criteria listed below. Please make sure your address is currently in Washtenaw County, Michigan before applying for the County ID, this includes: Ann Arbor; Chelsea; Dexter; Milan; Saline; Ypsilanti; Barton Hills; Manchester; and 20 townships.

Eligibility Criteria To Qualify

When applying for a Washtenaw County ID card, you must provide documents worth at least 300 points and show proof of residency, following the criteria below:

  1. A minimum of one identity credential from Section A containing a photograph of the applicant.
  2. A minimum of one identity credential from Section A or B containing the applicant’s date of birth
  3. Any combination of items from Section A or B, totaling at least 300
  4. One item from Section C showing proof of Washtenaw County residency in the previous 60 days.


    Section A
    Identity Credential with photograph

    *Point Value 1: credential is currently valid or expired less than 5 years from date of application

    **Point Value 2: credential is expired 5 to 10 years from date of application

    Value 1*
    Value 2**
    US or foreign passport 200 100
    US or foreign driver license 200 100
    US state identification card 200 100
    Consular identification card 200 100
    US or foreign military identification card 200 100
    Visa issued by a government agency 200 100
    Tribal identification card 200 100
    Elector identification card 200 100
    U.S. Permanent Resident ID (Green Card) 200 100
    Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ID (DACA) 200 100
    Washtenaw County ID Card
    (Renewals only, card surrendered)
    300 100
    Credential Point Value
    Offender Tracking Information System record (OTIS) or federal criminal record check with photograph 200
    Washtenaw County Sheriff Verification of Identification 200
    Educational institution identification card or record with photograph 75
    Employee identification card 75
    Michigan Department of Corrections prisoner identification card 200
    Michigan social services agency identification 75
    Section B
    Other Identity Credentials
    Credential Point
    Value 1
    US or foreign birth certificate, original or certified copy. If the document is in a language other than English it must be accompanied by a certified English translation. See list of local translators here.  125
    Court order issued by a state or federal court to verify applicant’s identity 125
    Social Security card 125
    Military discharge or separation documents (DD-214) 125
    US marriage license or divorce decree, original or certified copy 125
    Michigan Driver Education certificate (for applicants age 17 and younger only) 125
    Michigan adoption record 125
    Taxpayer Identification number letter (must contain applicant’s name) 125
    Criminal Record Check (AFIS) without photograph 125
    Birth certificate issued to child of applicant (must include name and date of birth of applicant) 100
    Tax return 100
    Employment verification form (I-9) 100
    Affidavit of identifying witness (witness must appear with the applicant and present photo ID) 100
    Criminal complaint or summons with proof of personal service 100
    Emancipation petition with file stamp 100
    Financial institution account records 50
    Employment records (W-4, W-2, 1099 & paystubs) 50
    School and Trade School records including diplomas and transcripts 50
    Baptismal records 50
    Section C
    Proof of Washtenaw County Residency
    Utility or credit card bill or statement dated within the previous 60 days
    Financial institution account statement dated within the previous 60 days
    Letter or record addressed to applicant from a school, college, or university located in Washtenaw County that the applicant or child of the applicant attended, dated within the previous 60 days
    Housing lease or rental agreement, unexpired (subleases are acceptable if accompanied by original lease)
    Employment record including pay stub, W-2, W-4 or earnings statement issued with the name and address of employer, dated within the previous 60 days
    Life, health, auto or home insurance policy document, dated within the previous 60 days
    Federal, state, or Washtenaw County government-issued document, letter, or record dated within the previous 60 days
    Michigan title or vehicle registration dated within the previous 60 days
    Letter or record from a hospital or medical treatment facility addressed to applicant dated within the previous 60 days, or letter confirming residency in the previous 60 days
    Letter or record from a religious organization, social services agency, homeless or domestic violence shelter located in Washtenaw County confirming residency in the previous 60 days
    Mortgage or local property tax statement dated within the previous 60 days
    Affidavit of Interdependence or copy of marriage certificate accompanied by residency document in name of head of household (head of household must appear with the applicant and present photo ID)