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10398028_453185004844315_4580845173125870912_nGetting an ID is a great way to get involved with the Washtenaw ID Project.  We do not want this card to be carried solely by those who need it, but rather all members of our community.  Regardless of whether or not you already have a valid form of photo ID, carrying and using this card will serve as a means of standing in solidarity with those affected and marginalized community members. Do not let your friends and neighbors stand alone!

How to Get an ID

Washtenaw County ID Application Process

Residents of Washtenaw County can apply for the ID in the Vital Records Division at the Office of the County Clerk.

        Location:                                     Hours of Operation:

200 N. Main Street                                   Monday – Friday
Ann Arbor, MI 48104                                8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

The County ID application costs $25. It is available to all residents ages 11 and older.  The ID’s are valid for 3 years after the date of application/issuance or when the cardholder no longer resides in Washtenaw County, whichever occurs sooner.

A PRINTABLE VERSION OF THE APPLICATION CAN BE FOUND HERE.  Applicants must also verify identity and residency following the criteria listed below. Please make sure your address is currently in Washtenaw County, Michigan before applying for the County ID, this includes: Ann Arbor; Chelsea; Dexter; Milan; Saline; Ypsilanti; Barton Hills; Manchester; and 20 townships.

Eligibility Criteria To Qualify

When applying for a Washtenaw County ID card, you must provide documents worth at least 300 points and show proof of residency, following the criteria below:

  1. A minimum of one identity credential from Section A containing a photograph of the applicant.
  2. A minimum of one identity credential from Section A or B containing the applicant’s date of birth
  3. Any combination of items from Section A or B, totaling at least 300
  4. One item from Section C showing proof of Washtenaw County residency in the previous 60 days.

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    A printable version of this file can be found here: 2018 Eligibility Criteria – English and here for the Spanish version: 2018 Eligibility Criteria – Spanish